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In stores this week

New in stores this week is Artifacts Volume 2 TPB, collecting issues #5 through #8 of the series, plus the text pieces that have appeared in all of the issues. The art, of course, is by Whilce Portacio, who brought a kinetic energy to these issues as the more sci-fi side of the Top Cow Universe is brought into the story.
Next week is a big one for me, with four different issues releasing.

Artifacts #5 Scorecard

Artifacts #5 hit stores the end of January, and here’s ourusual review scorecard. The issues marks Whilce Portacio’s debut as artist, taking over on the second arc after Michael Broussard’s start turn on the first arc. I’m pretty biased, but this is some of my favorite Whilce work ever. Wait ’til you see the epic fight that takes place in issue #6.

I also want to direct you toward a new podcast called “Doughnuts and Top Cow,” which is currently examining each issue of Artifacts. The episodes can be found here.

Comic Geek Speak’s episode 1009 also takes on Artifacts #5. Give a listen.

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Artifacts #4 Scorecard

As with previous issues of my event series from Top Cow, here’s a one-stop-shopping collection of reviews for Artifacts #4. The issue marks the completion of the first arc of the 13-issue series, and Michael Broussard’s swansong as penciler. Issue #5 is already in the can, with While Portacio taking over on pencils, Joe Weems on inks and Sunny Gho on colors. Obviously I’m a bit biased, but I think the Artifacts #5 pages are some of Whilce’s best work ever, and Joe’s inks and Sunny’s colors are meshing seamlessly. Whilce’s two-page Blood Sword/Ian Nottingham origin in issue #4 is an appetizer for what’s to come.

Issue #5, which introduces Cyberforce into the storyline, will be in stores on Jan. 26, the same day that the Artifacts vol. 1 TPB hits shelves. The TPB collects issue #0 and issues #1-#4, as well as a cover gallery and other extras, for a bargain price of $9.99.



Artifacts info uncovered

Pretty good week for Artifacts last week. Preview pages for issue #2, introducing Jackie Estacado into the storyline, hit a number of sites. You can find them here, among other places. Artifacts #2 will be in stores this Wednesday, Sept. 29.

The third printing of Artifacts #1 also hit stores, the first time a Top Cow release has ever gone to a third printing.

News also broke revealing the identity of the next artist on the 13-issue Artifacts series. Michael Broussard is drawing issues #1-#4, of course. The next arc, issues #5-#9, will be drawn by Whilce Portacio, probably best know for his work on Uncanny X-Men. Whilce and I had breakfast out in San Diego during the con, and discussed the kind of story we wanted to tell, especially in terms of scope. We’re very much on the same page in terms of wanting to bring an epic scale to the page. It’s going to be a great collaboration.

USA Today had the first story, which includes comments from Whilce. You can read it here.



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