A few of you have used the “Contact” button here to drop me a line about obtaining a copy of the Shinku ashcan I put together. Shinku, in case you missed it earlier, is a new project by me and artist Lee Moder, a vampire tale set in contemporary Japan. The ashcan contains nine story pages, plus a sketchbook section by Lee.

Westfield Comics, which has a mail-order catalog as well as a brick-and-mortar store, is carrying the Shinku ashcan at the discounted prices of $2/copy. All copies will be signed by me. Shinku contains graphic violence and nudity, so fair warning if you think your delicate sensibilities will be offended by such things. The link to order is here

I can also report that Shinku has a publisher, and an interesting new wrinkle, both of which we’ll announcing at the San Diego Comic Con. Stay tuned…