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( SILVER SURFER by Georges Jeanty )

Writing Silver Surfer was my first regular gig in comics, my first monthly assignment, all courtesy of Jim Starlin, who ushered me into Marvel and handed me the reins of the book. As my first regular gig, it was definitely on-the-job training. I haven’t looked at any of those issues in quite a while, but I suspect the writing is a mix of enthusiasm and crude technique.

Whenever I do a signing, I still see a fair amount of Surfer issues, especially the ones with Ron Lim. As much as Kyle is associated with me, Surfer is easily in the number two slot. I think I’ve written more Surfer stories than anyone, including Stan Lee, which kind of blows my mind.



THE J-FILES are a series of images created by Georges Jeanty (BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER/DarkHorse) for my first pass at having a website.