PARALLAX by Georges Jeanty

I never thought of Hal Jordan’s post-Emerald Twilight persona as a villain in the strict sense of the term. To my mind, he was an adversary or an anti-hero. The best “villains” always believe themselves to be the heroes of their own stories. Hal was convinced of the righteousness of his cause, which I thought made the Parallax persona a pretty complex, interesting character. The most obvious parallel was for him was Magneto. His goals might have brought him into conflict with his heroic counterparts, but there was a certain nobility to his cause.

There’s an adage that Marvel villains want to conquer the world, DC villains rob banks. Kyle Rayner was very much a “Marvel-style” hero in terms of the Everyman archetype. I don’t think it’s a stretch to say that Parallax was a “Marvel-style” villain. The notion was to add a cosmic-level antagonist the DC’s pantheon, somebody other than Darkseid. Special thanks to my GL artist Darryl Banks for coming up with the Parallax name.



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