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In Stores This Week

I’m happy anytime I get to write Magdalena. This week brings Artifacts #27, which stars my favorite monster hunter/supernatural enforcer for the Catholic Church, along with defrocked priest Tom Judge. It’s an interesting pairing to write, one I hope to return to even after this two-part storyline is finished. In this issue, Tom seeks out Magdalena to convince her to aid him in tracking down the missing Glacier Stone. Their quest leads to them a spooky mansion above the arctic circle.

This is artist Marco Turini’s second published issue of Artifacts, though it’s actually the first one that he drew. There’s also some very nice color work by Andy Troy and Bill Farmer, all wrapped in covers by Stjepan Sejic and Marco Turini.

A preview of the issue can be seen here:




In Store This Week

Okay, so the world didn’t end last month, as the Mayans predicted. Or, at least as the people who couldn’t properly read the Mayan calendar predicted. Another explanation, though, lies in Prophecy #6, by me and artist Walter Geovani, from Dynamite Comics. Doomsday impends, and only a disparate collection of characters can save the world.

The issue continues the Dynamite crossover, featuring Red Sonja, Dracula, Vampirella and more. Newsarama reviewed the issue and rated it 8 out of 10, calling it “…well worth reading and … a model for a good crossover.”

A five-page preview can be found here:



Prophecy concludes next month with issue #7.



In Stores This Week

Releasing this week is Artifacts #24, a stand-alone issue that catches up with the current Angelus host in the Top Cow Universe, the singularly-named Finch. The story brings Finch, as well as her girlfriend and NYPD detective Danielle Baptiste, to the Angelus dimension, which is under attack from … well, I won’t spoil the details.

The art, of course, is by my usual partner in crime, Stjepan Sejic. The story is self-contained, but plants some seeds that will bear fruit in the upcoming “Progeny” storyline, starting in Artifacts #25, and continuing in Witchblade #164 and Darkness #111 before concluding in Artifacts #26.

A preview of Artifacts #24 has been released, and can be found at Comic Book Resources, as well as other sites. Here’s a link:


The first review of the issue has already been posted, ReadComicBooks.Net rating it 9 out of 10, calling it “…simply another great installment in a standout fantasy series.” The full review can be seen here:




In Stores This Week

This week, Artifacts #23 hits stores, concluding the two-part “Blood Rites” storyline, focusing on everyone’s favorite defrocked priest, Tom Judge. It’s got a demon, it’s got an exorcism, it’s got Tilly Grimes in some cool pants. The issue’s art is, as always, by my Croatian brother in arms, Stjepan Sejic. (He hates it when you call him the Croatian sensation.)

You can view a six-page preview of the issue here:


Some nice reviews of the issue have already been published.



Comic Hype:


Unleash the Fanboy:


Comic Attack:


One Geek Nation:


Read Comic Books:


I also did an interview with Newsarama about Artifacts past, present and future. That can be read here:




In Stores This Week

Two new issues out this week, though only one is available in stores. The one you can get in stores is Prophecy #5, continuing the crossover event from Dynamite Comics. Prophecy has been fun to write, trying to bring together disparate characters like Red Sonja, Vampirella, Sherlock Holmes, Allan Quatermain and even Ash from “Army of Darkness. This collection of characters probably shouldn’t work as a group, but it’s been fun trying to make it all come together. I feel like I stuck the landing in tying up all the plot threads for the finale in issue #7, but you’ll have to be the judge of that as the series barrels toward a conclusion.

My artistic collaborator, Walter Geovani, has been doing terrific work on the series, and issue #5 is no different. You can see a preview of the issue here:


Also debuting this week is Blackburn Burrow #3, the book I’m doing for Amazon Studios, with my great art team of Matthew Dow Smith and Jordie Bellaire (with Brian Stelfreeze on covers). The issue is free, and available in a number of digital formats, just as the previous issues are. The Civil War-era, supernatural story is an adaptation of a screenplay optioned by Amazon Studios.

Complete information and download links here:


In a rather curious coincidence, Prophecy #5 and Blackburn Burrow #3 share a character. Obviously wasn’t planned that way, and it’s certainly strange that the issues hit on the same day. But the same character — though visually different depictions — appears in both issues. Let me know if you pick up on it.



In Stores This Week

After last week’s barrage, just one new release for this week, Artifacts #22 from Top Cow/Image. The issue begins a new two-part storyline, featuring Tom Judge and Tilly Grimes investigating a ritual murder in Washington, D.C. As always, my artistic partner is Stjepan Sejic.

The “Blood Rites” storyline brings together Tom Judge’s present work as special investigator for the F.B.I., with his past as a defrocked Catholic priest. Though Artifacts regularly touches upon other characters in the Top Cow Universe, Tom Judge is the spine that runs through the series.

Originally, we had planned a Magdalena storyline for these two issues, but some timing issues caused us to delay that storyline until after the “Progeny” crossover that will run through Artifacts #25-#26 and respective issues of Witchblade and Darkness. That Magdalena story will now appear in Artifacts #27-#28. It’s also worth mentioning that Nelson Blake II and I will soon begin working on a five-issue Magdalena/Tom Judge series that was announced at New York Comic Con.

So what’s coming up in Artifacts #24, you ask? Angelus.



In Stores This Week

Big week this week! I have three books appearing in comic stores and digitally this week, and another on the horizon. First up, Shinku #5, from Image, finally makes its appearance after a long delay; you can read about the reasons in my CBR column, Shelf Life, this week. Issue #5 brings the concluding chapter to the first arc of the series, “Throne of Blood” (a nod to Kurosawa, of course), with Shinku breaching a vampire shrine. Hopefully you’ll think the issue is worth the wait. I love how it turned out, and how it sets up the ensuing arc, “The Hidden Fortress.”

Next is Prophecy #4, from Dynamite, continuing the time-spanning crossover bringing together a diversity of characters including Red Sonja, Vampirella, Dracula and Sherlock Holmes. Issue #4 introduces a new character into the mix, someone that should come as a complete surprise … unless you peeked at the preview pages seen here:


Newsarama’s Best Shots has already reviewed the issue, giving it a 10 out of 10, and saying,

“Prophecy is helmed by a great creative team at the height of their craft, playing with ancient legend, pulp favorites, and cult classics to make a story that’s not to be missed. Don’t let the licensed characters fool you into passing on one of the best comics out there right now.”

The full review can be read here: http://www.newsarama.com/comics/best-shots-mega-column-reviews.html

Next, my buddy Tom Raney and I have a story in Heavy Metal #259, a fact that would make 14-year-old me’s head explode. The story is called “Pair of Rogues,” and introduces a pair of a creator-owned characters in a fantasy world that Tom and I hope to return to often. Our plan is to create a series of short stories, published in various outlets, growing into an epic tale that can stand on its own.

Lastly, keep an eye out for Blackburn Burrow #2 from Amazon Studios, by me, Matthew Dow Smith and Jordie Bellaire, which will go live very soon. As with issue #1, Blackburn Burrow #2 will be offered by Amazon for free in a variety of digital formats. The story deepens, literally, as the enigmatic Mister and his new companion Merrin delve deep into the mine, uncovering a shocking buried secret.



In Stores This Week

This week brings Artifacts #21 by me and artist Stjepan Sejic to store shelves, the third and concluding chapter to the “Phantoms of the Heart” arc. Our new Heartstone bearer, Dr. Rachel Harrison, has returned to her hometown in search of a simpler life. However, she didn’t count on the supernatural complications of the Artifact she has inherited, much less horrific hauntings at the hospital where she’s taken a job.

As I was creating Rachel’s hometown, I was very conscious of the kind of cozy, yet somehow menacing small towns Stephen King writes to such great effect. We’re seeing only a bit of the town in these three issues. I have more characters and deeper mysteries percolating, so I hope we get a chance to return and tell further stories featuring Rachel.



In Stores This Week

Arriving in stores this week is The Ride: Southern Gothic #1 from 12 Gauge Comics, containing a crime story by me, Rick Leonardi and Dexter Vines, presented in glorious black and white. It’s actually the first half of a story involving meth runners, the Dixie Mafia and the familiar car of the title. Part two of the story, drawn by Tom Raney, will appear in the concluding issue #2. Other creators in issue #1 include Nathan Edmondson, Jody LeHeup, Paul Azaceta and David Lapham, with a cover by Andrew Robinson.

I like crime stories, I like writing short stories, I like black and white, and I love working with Rick Leonardi, whom I consider one of the best storytellers in comics. My previous story for The Ride appeared in the Foreign Parts one-shot, with phenomenal art by Chris Brunner and Rico Renzi. It’s one of my favorite stories, and got a nice notice in Entertainment Weekly back when the print version actually paid some attention to comics.

Hope you seek out The Ride: Southern Gothic #1 this week. Independent books like this need your support.

Also, last week slipped by without a mention of Prophecy #3, which arrived in stores Aug. 29, continuing the Dynamite Comics crossover. The story brings together disparate characters including Red Sonja, Vampirella, Dracula, Herbert West, Pantha and Athena, among others, gathered to oppose the sorcerer Kulan Gath’s attempt to end the world. Issue #3 includes a return appearance by Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson, who opened the series.

The Unleash the Fanboy review called Prophecy #3 “…a continuation of an already stellar event…”  [read more…]

If you haven’t picked up the issue yet, a preview of the first eight pages can be seen here:




In Stores This Week

This week brings the trade paperback collection “Conan and the Daughters of Midora and Other Stories” to shelves. Contained within is the “Island of No Return” storyline by me, Bart Sears, Randy Elliott and Mark Roberts, including the 8-page prequel story that ran in USA Today. The volume also offers Conan tales by Jimmy Palmiotti, Mark Texeira, Tim Truman, Marian Churchland and Mike Oeming, among others.

The 8-page USA Today story can still be accessed here:


I grew up on Conan, both the Ace paperbacks and the comics, especially Savage Sword magazine. Getting to write Conan, especially with my buddy Bart on art, was very literally the fulfillment of a dream for me. I love the character, I love the world he inhabits. The work of Robert E. Howard is one of the primary reasons I do what I do. So I’m very happy our tale is getting collected with some other “orphan” stories, and wrapped in a lovely painted cover by Tex. This was my first shot at Conan. I hope it’s not my last.



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