[George Jeanty’s pencils]

(Pencils: Georges Jeanty / Colors: Neeraj Menon)

[click the image for a hi-res version]

One more look at Georges Jeanty’s figure shots, this time in color, courtesy of a talented young Indian artist named Neeraj N. Menon. You can check out Neeraj’s Deviant Art portfolio here.

When I did some editorial work for Virgin Comics (now reborn as Liquid Comics) a few years ago, I was exposed to a wealth of creative talent based in India, especially art talent. You’ve already seen Saumin Patel’s color on the Albany Comic Con exclusive cover, and there’s a pretty good chance you’ll be seeing another project with Saumin’s pencils and inks later this year. I’ve also got an all-ages book with the terrific Jeevan Kang that should be released by summer’s end via Liquid Comics, through its publishing partnership with Dynamite Entertainment. And hopefully the collected edition of my adaptation of Deepak Chopra’s Beyond, with artist Edison George, will be appearing soon.

Liquid and Dynamite will also team to publish Grant Morrison’s 18 Days, based on “The Mahabharata,” which is illustrated by the insanely talented Mukesh Singh. I fully expect it to be the most spectacular-looking book I’ll see this year. There’s a preview of the art here.

Mukesh’s work on Devi, Game Keeper and the Devi-Witchblade crossover was spectacular (and worthy of the Russ Manning nomination he received), but his work on 18 Days seems like another leap forward. Simply breathtaking.

Art talent from Brazil, Spain and Italy, among other locales, is making a real mark on the U.S. comic market. A number of Indian artists are going to make themselves known in a big way. Soon.



THE J-FILES are a series of images created by Georges Jeanty (BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER/DarkHorse) for my first pass at having a website.