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Listen to me!

If you want to, that is. Before Christmas, I recorded a Talkspode! podcast with Josh Flanagan for iFanboy. The session went longer than either of us expected, almost a full 90 minutes, covering everything from how I broke in, the controversies of my Green Lantern run, my time with CrossGen, to my current work.

If you’re using a browser like IE which doesn’t support HTML5 Audio tag or can’t see the audio player above, you can listen to the podcast, or download it, here: http://ifanboy.com/podcasts/talksplode-49-ron-marz-writer-of-witchblade-artifacts-shinku-more/



MegaCon Bound

I’ll be a guest at MegaCon, held in Hall D of the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, FL, from March 25th-27th. Yes, this is the con that CrossGen once owned, and is still “in the family,” so to speak, having been purchased by, and now run by, former CrossGen employee Beth Widera. Beth is one of my favorite people in the world, and she runs an absolutely great show with her husband Richard and daughter Christine.
MegaCon is a chance for me to see some of my CrossGen buddies, as well as grab a few days of warm weather while winter desperately tries to hang on in the Northeast. I’ll have my own table at the con, with current artistic collaborators Kenneth Rocafort (Velocity) and Nelson Blake 2nd (Magdalena) nearby. If all goes as planned, I should have a few cases of various books for sale, as well as a pair of prints.

The first print is the cover to issue #1 of my June-debuting, creator-owned series Shinku at Image, with art by Lee Moder, Matthew Waite and Michael Atiyeh. The second print is a clever, minimalist take on Artifacts created by Matthew Waite. I’ll be selling the prints, which you can see accompanying this entry, for $10 apiece, and all of the money will be donated to the Japanese tsunami relief effort.

I’ll also be part of a different panel each day at the show.

  • Friday: 5-6 p.m., Top Cow panel (Room 221E)
  • Saturday: 10:15-11:05 a.m., Green Lantern panel (Room 222A)
  • Sunday: 4:10-5 p.m., Creator-Owned Comics panel (Room 222A)

Complete information on MegaCon can be found at www.megaconvention.com


Cold Comfort

The late, lamented CrossGen Comics really missed Hollywood’s love affair with comics by a few years. There was interest, discussions, even some scripts generated, but none of the CrossGen properties ever made it very far in the development pipeline. Some of it was timing, some it was the screwball manner in which CrossGen’s big boss man wanted to negotiate film options. But at least one CG property made it to film … even if it was a short film.

Brandon Peterson and I collaborated on the four-issue Chimera mini-series, a hard sci-fi concept set on an ice planet. It was Brandon’s initial concept, and the overall story itself was a joint effort. I provided the dialogue, and Brandon provided the art, which included some of Brandon’s forays into building props or environments as 3-D computer models. The first mini really felt like a first chapter, but obviously we never got to go back and do more with it. A planned collected edition, which would have included additional pages, was never released.

Brandon was also the driving force in the effort by the Orlando-based DAVE School (Digital Animation and Visual Effects School) to turn a scene from Chimera into a CG animated short. Students from the school, with plenty of guidance and input from Brandon, produced the six-minute short, which you can see here. If I remember correctly, Brandon also provided the voice acting for the evil emperor.

Not bad at all for a bunch of students, huh?



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