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In Stores This Week

This week sees my last issue of Artifacts released, as Artifacts #32 hits stores, both your local comic shop as well as digital venues. The issue follows Tom Judge back to Hell as he searches for missing Darkness host Jackie Estacado. The art is by Korean painter Chan-Hyuk Lee, wrapped in a Stjepan Sejic cover.

A full preview of the issue can be seen here:

The next few issues of Artifacts are being created by the winners of Top Cow’s Talent Hunt, and the series will likely then go on hiatus. It’s a little bittersweet to close this chapter of Artifacts. I’ll miss writing the book, but I’m proud we were able to extend the series far beyond the original 13 issues. The initial storyline (with artists Michael Broussard, Whilce Portacio, Jeremy Haun and Dale Keown) was successful enough that Stjepan Sejic and I were able to turn the maxi-series into an ongoing, exploring all corners of the Top Cow Universe. All the support that the series received is very much appreciated.

I’ll still be writing Witchblade, of course, as artist Laura Braga and I settle in for a nice long run together. And Stjepan Sejic and I have Ravine Vol. 2 poised for release, and we’re working up a number of other projects. Plenty more to come…



In Stores This Week

This week brings Artifacts #28, the concluding chapter to the “Truth and Destinies” two-parter featuring Tom Judge, Michael Finnegan and the Magdalena as they hunt for the Glacier Stone. The storyline had a number of inspirations, including the desolate Nordic locations seen in Fincher’s “The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo” adaptation, as well as famed crazy person Aleister Crowley.

Marco Turini returns for art duties, with Bill Farmer on color. Stjepan Sejic provides the Magdalena-centric cover.

Next month’s Artifacts #29 will be a special issue written by Phil Smith, with art by Kalman Andrasofszky. I’ll return with issue #30, with a new artistic partner in tow, for an Angelus-oriented issue



In Stores This Week

Releasing this week is Artifacts #24, a stand-alone issue that catches up with the current Angelus host in the Top Cow Universe, the singularly-named Finch. The story brings Finch, as well as her girlfriend and NYPD detective Danielle Baptiste, to the Angelus dimension, which is under attack from … well, I won’t spoil the details.

The art, of course, is by my usual partner in crime, Stjepan Sejic. The story is self-contained, but plants some seeds that will bear fruit in the upcoming “Progeny” storyline, starting in Artifacts #25, and continuing in Witchblade #164 and Darkness #111 before concluding in Artifacts #26.

A preview of Artifacts #24 has been released, and can be found at Comic Book Resources, as well as other sites. Here’s a link:


The first review of the issue has already been posted, ReadComicBooks.Net rating it 9 out of 10, calling it “…simply another great installment in a standout fantasy series.” The full review can be seen here:




In Stores This Week

This week, Artifacts #23 hits stores, concluding the two-part “Blood Rites” storyline, focusing on everyone’s favorite defrocked priest, Tom Judge. It’s got a demon, it’s got an exorcism, it’s got Tilly Grimes in some cool pants. The issue’s art is, as always, by my Croatian brother in arms, Stjepan Sejic. (He hates it when you call him the Croatian sensation.)

You can view a six-page preview of the issue here:


Some nice reviews of the issue have already been published.



Comic Hype:


Unleash the Fanboy:


Comic Attack:


One Geek Nation:


Read Comic Books:


I also did an interview with Newsarama about Artifacts past, present and future. That can be read here:




In Stores This Week

After last week’s barrage, just one new release for this week, Artifacts #22 from Top Cow/Image. The issue begins a new two-part storyline, featuring Tom Judge and Tilly Grimes investigating a ritual murder in Washington, D.C. As always, my artistic partner is Stjepan Sejic.

The “Blood Rites” storyline brings together Tom Judge’s present work as special investigator for the F.B.I., with his past as a defrocked Catholic priest. Though Artifacts regularly touches upon other characters in the Top Cow Universe, Tom Judge is the spine that runs through the series.

Originally, we had planned a Magdalena storyline for these two issues, but some timing issues caused us to delay that storyline until after the “Progeny” crossover that will run through Artifacts #25-#26 and respective issues of Witchblade and Darkness. That Magdalena story will now appear in Artifacts #27-#28. It’s also worth mentioning that Nelson Blake II and I will soon begin working on a five-issue Magdalena/Tom Judge series that was announced at New York Comic Con.

So what’s coming up in Artifacts #24, you ask? Angelus.



In Stores This Week

Two new books on shelves this week (to go along with last week’s Magdalena Vol. 2 trade paperback collection). First up is Artifacts #19 from Top Cow/Image, which kicks off a new storyline, featuring an Artifacts bearer we’ve met before, albeit briefly. Dr. Rachel Harrison appeared in issue #14, finding a corpse that was ultimately traced to a gangland execution, Jackie Estacado style.

In issue #19, Rachel takes center stage, setting up her life as an emergency-room doctor, and now bearer of the Heart Stone. The three-issue arc will take Rachel to some unexpected places, and bring her face to face with Tom Judge once again. Art is my Stjepan Sejic, as usual, and you can see a preview here:

My other work out this week is the introduction I wrote for Tarzan: The Jesse Marsh Years Vol. 11 from Dark Horse. I suppose my love for Tarzan is no secret at this point, but I’m thankful for the opportunity to wax poetic about one of my favorite characters ever in the intro. I’d work on a Tarzan comic in a heartbeat.

Of course, I don’t think anybody’s crazy enough to shell out 50 bucks just to read my intro. This volume contains a big chunk of Marsh’s simply powerful and powerfully simple Tarzan work. Plus, the cover has Tarzan fighting a shark. A shark! A preview of the interiors, though not my intro, can be found here:



In Stores This Week

It’s not new, per se, but it is a new edition. In stores this week is a new pritning of the previously sold-out First Born trade paperback, now branded as part of an Artifacts line of collected editions. The volume contains the First Born mini-series as well as the tie-in Witchblade issues, featuring art by Stjepan Sejic, as well as the incomparable Kevin Nowlan inking over Luke Ross, Stephen Sadowski, and Rick Leonardi, plus a gorgeous Magdalena short story by Ryan Sook.

The storyline is one of my favorites, both because of the gorgeous art, and because we were able to bring a permanent of status quo-altering change to Sara Pezzini’s life. Even if you’re not familiar with the Top Cow Universe or characters, everything you need to know is within the pages of First Born.



In Stores This Week

The event that was a maxi-series that turned into an ongoing series goes on this week. Artifacts #15 by me and Stjepan Sejic hits stores Wednesday, continuing the exploration of the “new world” we’ve set up. Disgraced priest-turned-Artifact bearer Tom Judge has realized all is not well in the new world, and all roads lead to Jackie Estacado, host of The Darkness.

You can see a preview of the issue’s opening pages here: http://www.newsarama.com/php/multimedia/album.php?aid=45813


In Stores This Week

It’s an Artifacts kind of week this week, as both Artifacts #14 and the Artifacts Volume 3 TPB hit stores. The collected edition contains issues #9-#13, with art by Jeremy Haun and Dale Keown respectively, plus a cover gallery and assorted extras.

Artifacts #14 is the continuation of the saga, picking up where #13 left off by exploring the new world that was created at the end of the initial 13-issue storyline. I’m joined on the now-ongoing Artifacts series by Stjepan Sejic, my artistic partner on Witchblade for the last few years. Stjepan and I plan on settling in for a nice, long run on Artifacts, which features Tom Judge and Tilly Grimes as main characters, with everyone from Jackie Estacado to Sara Pezzini to Aphrodite orbiting around them.

By the way, Witchblade: Redemption Volume 4 TPB, by me and Stjepan, was released last week. It contains the final issues of our run, #146-#150.

There’s an 11-page preview of Artifacts #14 here:




In Stores This Week

Hope everyone had a safe and happy New Year. Kind of a big week this week, as both Shinku #4 and Artifacts #13 are released on Wednesday. I’ll be doing a signing at Main Street Comics in Middletown from 5-7 p.m. Wednesday as part of Top Cow’s “End of the World” event happening in venues literally across the country.

Artifacts #13 brings to a conclusion the largest storyline we’ve ever done in the Top Cow Universe. The issue is drawn by Dale Keown, with colors as always by Sunny Gho, and a two-page origin feature drawn by my buddy Tom Raney. I couldn’t ask for a better collaborator for this finale chapter of the series, as Dale handles both the epic and character stuff with equal aplomb. It’s just a gorgeous issue.

While issue #13 does bring this story to an end, it does not mark the end of Artifacts. My Witchblade artistic collaborator, Stjepan Sejic, and I will be continuing the series next month, picking right up with issue #14, exploring the new status quo of the Top Cow Universe.

Shinku #4 continues my creator-owned series from Image with Lee Moder, aided and abetted by inker Matthew Waite, colorist Mike Atiyeh, letterer Troy Peteri, and editor/designer Phil Smith. There’s blood, there’s swearing, there’s full a nudity, there’s dead vampires. What more could you want?

Five-page preview here: http://www.comicbookresources.com/?page=preview&id=10959

The initial arc wraps up next month with issue #5, followed by a trade collection jammed with extras, and then a new arc starting in April with #6.



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