I’ve got two new issues hitting shelves this Wednesday, both from Top Cow. Artifacts #11, with art by Jeremy Haun and Sunny Gho, brings the storyline closer to its climax and features a character death by issue’s end. And it’s not a “comic book” death in which the character miraculously returns to life a few months later. Dead means dead … as in “not coming back.” There’s also another two-page origin, this one featuring art by the legendary Michael Golden.

Also in stores Wednesday in Witchblade #149, the final part of the “Tiamat” storyline, and my penultimate issue of the book with Stjepan Sejic. The issue wraps the current four-part arc, and sets the stage for the double-size #150 next month. After we wrap up our run on Witchblade, Stjepan and I will move over to Artifacts with issue #14, as the event series becomes a monthly title.