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Kyle Rayner by Georges Jeanty

For the next few days, some things from the art archives.

Prior to moving to Florida for CrossGen, I was started gathering the pieces to put together a website. That website never happened. Once I was on staff for CrossGen, I didn’t have the time, or maybe even the need, for a personal website. But in digging through my art drawer recently, I found the four pieces I intended to use on the site’s home page. All four pieces are by Georges Jeanty, best known now as the awesome artist for Dark Horse’s Buffy the Vampire Slayer comic.

Georges penciled and inked all four pieces as a favor to me, and I’m still appreciative. This, obviously, is the Green Lantern nearest and dearest to my heart, Kyle Rayner, in his original costume. As far as I know, this is the first time this piece has ever been seen (that goes for the rest of the pieces too). I’ll show off the remaining pieces over the next few days.

( KYLE RAYNER by Georges Jeanty )

I first saw Georges’ work when he was sharing studio space in Georgia with Dave Johnson, another buddy. Dave sent me some of the work Georges was doing on a few indy titles, I was impressed, and passed along his stuff to my editor at DC, urging him to try out Georges on a gig. That led to us doing some Green Lantern work together, followed by a few Superboy issues. Actually, my favorite issues of the year-long run I did on Superboy.

Now that I think about it, that’s the last time Georges and I worked together. I’d really like to remedy that in the future.

Georges Jeanty’s website


THE J-FILES are a series of images created by Georges Jeanty (BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER/DarkHorse) for my first pass at having a website.

What’s the story?

Okay, so it’ll be the next update that has the story of a long-ago pitch by me and Cully Hamner, and how it plays into the upcoming Velocity series. But this was too interesting for me to pass up without comment. What you’re looking at is a visual representation of how the first week of this website appears to a program crawling the web. Or so I’m told. Not like I understand how half this stuff works. wordle
generated via

There’s almost an artistic quality to the typography display. Yeah, very cool to look at in an art-project sorta way. But the thing that jumped out at me, the thing that struck me as important and fitting and wholly satisfying to me, is that “story” is the largest, most prominent word. Because that’s really what this is all about.



Hello … Is this thing on?

So here we go. After much delay, is finally open for business. We’ll be getting things up and running over the next few weeks, putting more aspects in place while juggling deadlines. The plan is to update regularly, including news about current and upcoming projects, both work-for-hire stuff like Witchblade and Magdalena, as well as creator-owned work like Samurai: Heaven and Earth; peeks at lots of artwork; pieces on previous work when I can dig something interesting out of the files; writing tips; and whatever else I happen to think of.

Thanks for stopping by. Hopefully I give you a reason to keep coming back. In the meantime, check me out on twitter.



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