Voodoo Part Deux

Reviews of Voodoo #1 keep rolling in, so here’s an update with more links. I’m sure I didn’t get all of them, so please forgive any, uh, missing links. But these are the ones I found, both positive and negative (though I’m pleased to say generally more positive than negative).

  1. Heretical Jargon:
  2. Talking Comic Books:
  3. My Geeky Geeky Ways:
  4. Grumpy Old Fan at CBR:
  5. Inside Pulse:
  6. Cross Hatchings at CBR:
  7. Greg Burgas at CBR:
  8. Read/Rant:
  9. Graphic Policy:
  10. Eye on Comics:
  11. Bureau 42:
  12. Indie Wire:
  13. Multiversity Comics:
  14. The Verbal Mosh:
  15. Cosmic Treadmill:
  16. Broken Frontier:
  17. Pipeline at CBR:



Voodoo Reviews Due

Voodoo #1 hit stores Wednesday. The hysterics about it started last week, before anyone had even read the issue. Now that it’s out, and in people’s hands, the reactions have been all over the map.

Review links are below, if you’d care to peruse. I’m really pretty fascinated by the diverse reactions: two people read the same issue, and each comes away with a drastically different view of what was just read. Doesn’t make either on right or wrong — ultimately, any of it is just one person’s opinion. We all bring our experiences and predilections to the table with us, whether we want to admit it or not.

And really, that’s fine. Not every book is for every reader, nor should it be. As I’ve said before, comics are not a one-size-fits-all medium. Thanks to everyone who picked up Voodoo and gave it a chance.

  1. IGN:
  2. Captain Comics:
  3. Comic Vine:
  4. The Fandom Post:
  5. Wildstorm Addiction:
  6. The Review Sofa:
  7. Cosmic Book News:
  8. iFanboy:
  9. Multiversity Comics:
  10. Newsarama:
  11. NY Times:
  12. USA Today:
  13. Grumpy Old fan:
  14. Comic Book Resources:
  15. Panels on Pages:
  16. All Things Fun vidcast:
  17. A Comic Book Blog:
  18. Major Spoliers:
  19. Forever Geek:
  20. The Occult Detective:
  21. MTV Geek:
  22. i09:



Shinku stakes its claim

Last week, my new creator-owned series, Shinku, debuted from Image Comics. Short version: it’s a modern-day tale of vampires vs. a lone samurai. The series is intended for mature readers, since I’ve always thought vampires were about sex and violence, not sparkling. The art is by my buddies Lee Moder, Matthew Waite and Mike Atiyeh, with letters by Troy Peteri and edits/design by Phil Smith.

The reception has been gratifying. Reviews have been great, and many of the comic sites have been kind enough to throw some coverage our way. The links below include preview pages, features, reviews and podcasts.

If you’ve taken the plunge and picked up the first issue, thank you. If not … what are you waiting for?


Preview pages:

Feature articles:

  1. Westfield Comics:
  2. MTV:
  3. CBR:
  4. Newsarama:
  5. USA Today:
  6. CBR (again):
  7. Cedar Rapids Examiner:


  1. Rawnzilla blog:
  2. Newsarama:
  3. Comic Attack:
  4. Image Addiction:
  5. Newsarama (again):
  6. Quarter Bin:
  7. MyComicNetwork:
  8. Comic Related:
  9. Popgun Chaos:
  10. Player Affinity:
  11. IGN:
  12. Comic Related/Nerd Girls Eye View:
  13. Comic Buzz:
  14. Daily Blam:


  1. Ideology of Madness:
  2. iFanboy:
  3. Image Addiction:
  4. Retcon Podcast:


  1. Comic Related:

Artifacts #5 Scorecard

Artifacts #5 hit stores the end of January, and here’s ourusual review scorecard. The issues marks Whilce Portacio’s debut as artist, taking over on the second arc after Michael Broussard’s start turn on the first arc. I’m pretty biased, but this is some of my favorite Whilce work ever. Wait ’til you see the epic fight that takes place in issue #6.

I also want to direct you toward a new podcast called “Doughnuts and Top Cow,” which is currently examining each issue of Artifacts. The episodes can be found here.

Comic Geek Speak’s episode 1009 also takes on Artifacts #5. Give a listen.

  1. IGN:
  2. Weekly Comic Book Review:
  3. Comic Attack:
  4. Musings from the Lion City:
  5. Behold the Geek:
  6. Cedar Rapids Examiner:
  7. Geek With Curves:
  8. Tales from the Watercooler podcast:
  9. SciFi Pulse
  10. Graphic Policy:
  11. Hollywood Jesus:
  12. Image Addiction

Artifacts #4 Scorecard

As with previous issues of my event series from Top Cow, here’s a one-stop-shopping collection of reviews for Artifacts #4. The issue marks the completion of the first arc of the 13-issue series, and Michael Broussard’s swansong as penciler. Issue #5 is already in the can, with While Portacio taking over on pencils, Joe Weems on inks and Sunny Gho on colors. Obviously I’m a bit biased, but I think the Artifacts #5 pages are some of Whilce’s best work ever, and Joe’s inks and Sunny’s colors are meshing seamlessly. Whilce’s two-page Blood Sword/Ian Nottingham origin in issue #4 is an appetizer for what’s to come.

Issue #5, which introduces Cyberforce into the storyline, will be in stores on Jan. 26, the same day that the Artifacts vol. 1 TPB hits shelves. The TPB collects issue #0 and issues #1-#4, as well as a cover gallery and other extras, for a bargain price of $9.99.



Artifacts #3 Scorecard

As with the past two issues, here’s a collection of the reviews I’ve come across for Artifacts #3. If you happen to know of any reviews that aren’t linked below, feel free to post a link in the comments. Artifacts #4 should be in stores in a few weeks, bringing the first act of the storyline to an explosive conclusion. Literally.


  1. Comic Geek Speak :
  2. Image Addiction :
  3. Weekly Comic Book Review:
  4. Newsarama:

  5. Comic Attack:
  6. Crave Online:
  7. Behold the Geek:
  8. Newsarama’s Best Shots:
  9. Graphic Policy:
  10. Panelramic View:



Artifacts #2 Review Scorecard

Reviews of Artifacts #2 are still trickling in, but the list below is the bulk of ’em. First up is a video review from Sara Lima at Comic Vine. The most gratifying aspect to it all is that reviewers and readers seem to be finding the series accessible, even if they’re not regular readers of the Top Cow Universe (yet).

We’re planning to send issue #3 off to press late this week, so it should be in stores a few weeks after that.


  1. Guerilla Geek :
  2. Crave Online :
  3. Graphic Policy :
  4. Newsarama :
  5. Comic Book Revolution :
  6. Techland :
  7. Comic Attack :
  8. Comic Impact :
  9. Weekly Crisis :
  10. Behold the Geek :
  11. Player Affinity :
  12. CBR :
  13. Boutiques & Geeks :
  14. PsychoRelik Studios :
  15. The Comic Addiction :
  16. Newsarama :
  17. Comic Vine :
  18. Phoenix Lantern Corps :
  19. Weekly Comic Book Review :
  20. Comic Related :

In case you missed it earlier, here’s the Artifacts #1 Scorecard

Comic Geek Speak Podcast on Artifacts #1

As I mentioned in the Artifacts #1 review scorecard, the excellent Comic Geek Speak podcasts are undertaking a series of shows dedicated to the Artifacts event series. The plan is for the guys to discuss the issues as they are released, so this inaugural episode takes on issue #1. Chris Partin, from Image Addiction, joins the conversation, and then my pal Filip Sablik, who also happens to be Top Cow‘s publisher, also stops by. Enjoy.

Listen to the podcast

In case the above embedded player doesn’t work for you or you’d like to download the mp3 of the podcast, here’s the link to the original post on Comic Geek Speak:

Samurai: Heaven and Earth, vol. 1 & 2 review

One of my best Twitter followers, Brian Rose, offered up the following review of my creator-owned Samurai: Heaven and Earth volumes. It was such a nice piece, I wanted to share it with everybody. Thanks, Brian.


Samurai: Heaven and Earth, vol. 1 & 2 review

By Brian Rose

Following Ron on Twitter, I knew he wrote a plethora of superhero stories and I asked him what stories he felt were his strongest, or personal favorite, of anything he’s written. Surprisingly, he tweeted back that he had a strong connection and was quite proud of what he had done with his Samurai saga. Armed with this recommendation, I had been seeking out any readable editions of this story.
Having found BOTH volumes in a local bookstore, I decided to make at least the first volume my night’s reading, and give it a run for my money.

Here I now sit, two hours after cracking open the cover, ready with my feedback after having made it through both volumes in a devouring and hungered pace.

For the first volume, I went into with no expectations, since this is a character of whom I have no precursory knowledge, nor personal investment in, other than the cover price I paid.

For the first pages, I found myself slow to dip into the pool that was the story. However, it didn’t take long to find the emotion all these characters shared, and the realism the fantastic pencils and superb coloring the artists of the book wielded, much like the samurai protagonist wielded his sword, and more importantly, like the love he wielded for his hand maiden. All these elements created a perfect marriage with Marz’s superb storytelling, creating an organic, enthralling, involving and dramatic tale that had perfect doses of humor.

Some of the best story moments came when he introduced his antagonist(s), keeping the reader guessing as to whose motives could be trusted. I greatly enjoyed the banter of the Three Musketeers in the story, and while they were strong supporting characters, I felt their cameo was perfect and not drawn out. In Ron’s capable hands I could see this troupe sustaining their own adventure series! Their humor kept the pace of the story going, and made me eager for more of their involvement. The final ha-ha at the end,as Shiro rides off, made me laugh out loud in a way I rarely do with comics – a surprising enjoyment I took away from the first volume.

The second volume of the saga kept the amazing line work and storytelling, however the change in colorists actually affected me a small bit. I found the previous volume’s colorist to be an amazing talent not often seen in comics. He gave the images a painted realism that gave the characters a pulse beneath their sketched and drawn framework. While the second volume’s colorists were far from terrible, Jason Keith knocked it out of the park the first time around.

Still, the story in the second volume brought me right back into the amazing saga laid out in the first volume. Marz really took it to another level in part two. Where part one was the setup, part two felt like this was where he said “Okay, now that you’ve just walked the stairs, here we’re really going to get on the ride.”

The antagonist in the first volume was a right old jackass that I was growing to hate; but here, he was developed into the most complete fucker of all villainy to ever grace a comic page. I really came to hate him, and was glad to watch him suffer. It made me cheer with glee as Shiro just kept giving a whooping to everything that got in his way. What was marvelous was that he did it with a strong sense of realism; Shiro’s abilities were established in perfectly-timed flashback vignettes that showed him developing into the machine and soldier he was, as he decimated leagues of madmen and henchmen.

Shiro fought through the final obstacles that stood in his way, to finally live the remainder of his life with his love. She was, by the way, an equally strong character, not in anyone’s shadow, and filled with heart and desire to fight her way out of any situation, and not let anything stand in the way of helping herself and Shiro achieve everlasting peace.

Seeing the villainous Spaniard get struck down was a cathartic joy, watching as he finally had his blood spilled in the sand. At the point of showing our hero and his love ride off into the proverbial sunset, Marz’s storytelling made yet one more twist, reminding this reader that Ron is truly an asshole, and that I will definitely be reading the next issue he puts out. This was an amazing saga, worthy of getting a theatrical treatment.

The story was artfully brought to a wonderful close, but Marz had to go and give us hints at the end, as that hand lifted from the sand, straining for vengeful life, making us, the readers, beg for more. Please … MORE!

Samurai : Heaven and Earth vol 1 Amazon Listing

Samurai : Heaven and Earth vol 2 Amazon Listing

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