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As I wrote in my most recent Shelf Life column at CBR (, interviews and promotion are part of being a working writer. This Wednesday, Oct. 9, I’ll be appearing on WAMC, the local NPR station, from 2 to 3 p.m. as part of the regular Vox Pop call-in program.

I’ll be joined on the program by Rick Marshall, late of MTV Geek, and recently moved back to the Albany area. We’ll be discussing comics and pop culture, and really anything that comes up, since it’s a call-in program. You can listen on the radio or online, and the call-in number is 1-800-348-2551. The station judges program success, to some extent, on the number of calls received, so please call in.

Complete WAMC information here:

I also recently did a Spreecast with sports reporter and comic fan Seth Everett, and the archived version of the live video chat can be seen here:

We discussed both comics and sports in the first of what we hope will be a continuing series of chats. You’ll also get a look at my office, if that holds any appeal. Again, the more views, the more likely we’ll be able to continue the series on Spreecast.

Lastly, you can catch a glimpse and mention of me in the short film, “Carol Tilley: Comic Book Crusader,” a nicely-produced documentary. You’ll see me, Bart Sears and Israel Idonije at the Athleta Comics booth (with a cameo appearance by Izzy’s friend Brandon Marshall of the Chicago Bears). Izzy gets some camera time, as do my buddies Alex Cox of Comic Book Legal Defense Fund and artist Peter Krause. Well worth the watch.

Complete information on the film here:



Air India Travel Article

As I mentioned in a previous post, I was asked to write a travel piece for Air India magazine. The article is now live on the website, as well as in print copies of the magazine (so if you happen to be flying Air India, please grab me a copy). I wrote about my trip earlier this year to New Zealand, thanks to Armageddon Expo, which was easily one of the best travel experiences I’ve ever had.

The full article can be viewed here:

The artwork accompanying the story is by Abhishek Malsuni, artist for Legends of Aveon 9, a title I edit for India-based Rovolt Entertainment, which arranged the article. Abhishek is an fantastically talented artist, and I was very happy to have his beautiful work accompanying my text.

Now I just have to work out a trip to India…



Interviewed in India

Not being a lovely lady in a state of semi-undress, I did not expect to ever make an appearance in FHM. And yet, there I am, in FHM India, interviewed about my editing duties for Rovolt Entertainment’s Legends of Aveon 9 title.

Click on the pieces for a “larger, more readable version.

I’ve been fortunate enough to be interviewed by a number of India-based publications in the press blitz surrounding the release of Aveon 9, including the Times of India, which can be found here:

I’ve also written a travel story for Air India magazine, illustrated by the supremely talented Abhishek Malsuni, artist of Aveon 9. I’ll try to post a link for that when it’s available.



Listen to me!

If you want to, that is. Before Christmas, I recorded a Talkspode! podcast with Josh Flanagan for iFanboy. The session went longer than either of us expected, almost a full 90 minutes, covering everything from how I broke in, the controversies of my Green Lantern run, my time with CrossGen, to my current work.

If you’re using a browser like IE which doesn’t support HTML5 Audio tag or can’t see the audio player above, you can listen to the podcast, or download it, here:




One more video shot at New York Comic Con last fall has surfaced, with me talking about what’s going on in the Witchblade and Magdalena monthlies. Enjoy!



Video link has been fixed!

One more video

An additional video interview from the New York Comic Con popped up on Newsarama, so here ’tis. As I recall, I could barely turn my head most of the weekend, as I’d somehow slept wrong and woke up with a stiff neck the night before heading into NYC. One of those chair massages managed to loosen the muscles in my neck just enough to make the weekend tolerable. But probably not enough to keep me from looking awkward in these videos.



Video Killed The Radio Star

Three video interviews shot at the New York Comic Con have gone up, so I’ve embedded them here. First up is a piece with CBR’s Jonah Weiland, which incudes some discussion of my column for that site, which will start later this month. After that, interviews with The Quarter Bin, and brand new site Pop Galaxy. The convention floor is never an ideal venue for an interview, as there’s so much going on around you. But the floor interviews do at least give a sense of the energy level and, frankly, chaos at a big show.

Pop Galaxy (original link)


Quarter Bin

I’m on a Boat

Actually, it was more of a yacht. At this past summer’s San Diego con, Top Cow founder Marc Silvestri got our sea legs for a video interview on the Comic Book Resources yacht. The interview went up on CBR Wednesday, which also happened to be the same day that Artifacts #2 hit comic shops. Marc is the tall one. Heh.



Ron, Aron and Paulie

I made another appearance on the “Funnybooks with Aron and Paulie” podcast for Ideology of Madness. The interview is pretty loose and wide-ranging, covering a lot of topics, from the recent releases of Magdalena #3 and Angelus #5, to general concerns like accessible comics and even Darwyn Cooke’s recent comments. You can listen to the whole thing, clocking in at more than an hour, here.

I really appreciate the support Aron and Paulie have shown the Top Cow publishing line, and my books in specific. Hope you enjoy the interview.


Graphic Interview

This year’s Baltimore Comic Con was an absolute pleasure, as always. Had a great time, and the reception for me, artist Nelson Blake 2nd and Top Cow was very much appreciated. I signed pretty much non-stop when I was at the table, got to catch up with a bunch of friends, and attended the Harvey Awards. Also got to see my nephew, Leif, and his girlfriend, Rachel, whom I hadn’t seen in about four years (they live in Hawaii, but Rachel is doing an internship on Capitol Hill).

I did a few interviews while at the show, including one for XM/Sirius satellite radio, and this video interview with Brett Schenker of the Graphic Policy website. Graphic Policy has been a supporter of my work and of Top Cow’s publishing line, running our previews and some very fair, very well-informed reviews. Check out Graphic Policy at

Should’ve brought my sunglasses to the interview. Other than that, I really enjoyed it, as Brett asked a number of intriguing questions, covering topics beyond the standard questions about what I’m working on. Hope you like it.


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