As I wrote in my most recent Shelf Life column at CBR (, interviews and promotion are part of being a working writer. This Wednesday, Oct. 9, I’ll be appearing on WAMC, the local NPR station, from 2 to 3 p.m. as part of the regular Vox Pop call-in program.

I’ll be joined on the program by Rick Marshall, late of MTV Geek, and recently moved back to the Albany area. We’ll be discussing comics and pop culture, and really anything that comes up, since it’s a call-in program. You can listen on the radio or online, and the call-in number is 1-800-348-2551. The station judges program success, to some extent, on the number of calls received, so please call in.

Complete WAMC information here:

I also recently did a Spreecast with sports reporter and comic fan Seth Everett, and the archived version of the live video chat can be seen here:

We discussed both comics and sports in the first of what we hope will be a continuing series of chats. You’ll also get a look at my office, if that holds any appeal. Again, the more views, the more likely we’ll be able to continue the series on Spreecast.

Lastly, you can catch a glimpse and mention of me in the short film, “Carol Tilley: Comic Book Crusader,” a nicely-produced documentary. You’ll see me, Bart Sears and Israel Idonije at the Athleta Comics booth (with a cameo appearance by Izzy’s friend Brandon Marshall of the Chicago Bears). Izzy gets some camera time, as do my buddies Alex Cox of Comic Book Legal Defense Fund and artist Peter Krause. Well worth the watch.

Complete information on the film here: