The next Artifacts collection, Volume 5, hit stores recently, from Top Cow/Image. The collection contains issues #19-#23, all written by me with art and cover by Stjepan Sejic. The book contains two story arcs expanding the Artifacts mythology.

The first re-introduces Heart Stone bearer Rachel Harrison, a doctor who moves back to her small hometown, only to find that the town’s history of supernatural goings-on is coming back to literally haunt her. The second arc takes Rapture bearer and defrocked priest Tom Judge to Washington, D.C. to investigate a murder on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial. But what at first seems like a ritual killing turns out to be case of demonic possession, including a confrontation on the grounds of the National Cathedral.

Hope you’ll give it a look. We’re continuing to explore the breadth of the Top Cow Universe, as The Darkness and Witchblade titles head for some changes. If you hadn’t heard, it appears Jackie Estacado will perish in an upcoming storyline, and I’ll be returning to the writing duties of Witchblade with October’s #170. Good stuff coming!