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Welcome to Sportscenter?

Recently, ESPN ran a nice story on The Protectors, the comic project I’m doing with Chicago Bears defensive end Israel Idonije and his Athleta Comics imprint. The story showcased a new image (seen below) by series artist Bart Sears, and included some quotes from Israel, including this one:

“I wouldn’t necessarily say superheroes are athletes but whether they like it or not, athletes are heroes. To have the platform that you have, people look up to you and watch the things that you say. Because of that, there’s a certain level of influence. In that sense, as an athlete, you have the potential and the ability to be a hero.”

You can read the entire story on the ESPN site:



In Store This Week

Okay, so the world didn’t end last month, as the Mayans predicted. Or, at least as the people who couldn’t properly read the Mayan calendar predicted. Another explanation, though, lies in Prophecy #6, by me and artist Walter Geovani, from Dynamite Comics. Doomsday impends, and only a disparate collection of characters can save the world.

The issue continues the Dynamite crossover, featuring Red Sonja, Dracula, Vampirella and more. Newsarama reviewed the issue and rated it 8 out of 10, calling it “…well worth reading and … a model for a good crossover.”

A five-page preview can be found here:


Prophecy concludes next month with issue #7.



Comics for Tots Update

The final total for this year’s Comics for Tots was a bit more than $2,300 raised, by far a record for the drive. Thank you to everyone who donated, everyone who spread the word, and especially to my artist friends for donating sketches and even commissions to raise funds. Everyone’s generosity is truly inspiring.

We purchased and donated multiple loads of toys for the local Toys for Tots effort, everything from action figures to dolls, board games to sports equipment, books to iPods. Here’s a photo of me with the first load of toys, which were dropped off at the local elementary school for pick up by Toys for Tots personnel. Subsequent loads were dropped directly at the Toys for Tots collection point, staffed by a dedicated collection of retired Marines.

This is all possible because of you. We were able to make Christmas brighter for some children in need. Again, thank you so much.



In Stores This Week

Releasing this week is Artifacts #24, a stand-alone issue that catches up with the current Angelus host in the Top Cow Universe, the singularly-named Finch. The story brings Finch, as well as her girlfriend and NYPD detective Danielle Baptiste, to the Angelus dimension, which is under attack from … well, I won’t spoil the details.

The art, of course, is by my usual partner in crime, Stjepan Sejic. The story is self-contained, but plants some seeds that will bear fruit in the upcoming “Progeny” storyline, starting in Artifacts #25, and continuing in Witchblade #164 and Darkness #111 before concluding in Artifacts #26.

A preview of Artifacts #24 has been released, and can be found at Comic Book Resources, as well as other sites. Here’s a link:

The first review of the issue has already been posted, ReadComicBooks.Net rating it 9 out of 10, calling it “…simply another great installment in a standout fantasy series.” The full review can be seen here:



Promoting the Protectors

The Protectors is a comic I’m writing, with artwork by my buddy Bart Sears, based on characters and concepts created by Israel Idonije of the Chicago Bears. The story combines sports, super-heroic action and cosmic spectacle into something that both comics and sports fans can grasp. The project was announced at October’s New York Comic Con, where Isreal and I did the press rounds, including the videos you see here.


View at iFanboy


View on YouTube


View at CBR TV

Keep an eye on for updates, including character introductions and a pretty cool web comic we’re working on right now. We expect The Protectors #1 to debut at Chicago’s C2E2 convention in late April.




Ravine First Look

The initial solicitation is out for Ravine, an original graphic novel by Stjepan Sejic and me, coming from Top Cow/Image on February 13. Newsarama had a “first look” at the project, including 44 images, which can be seen here:

Ravine is a 160-page original graphic novel, with amazing painted art by Stjepan, who has been my artistic collaborator on Witchblade, Angelus and Artifacts for Top Cow. Ravine is a passion project for Stjepan, and I think the book contains easily the best artwork of his career. Ravine is a multi-volume epic fantasy, with a large cast of characters and a lengthy storyline. We expect to be releasing at least one volume a year for the foreseeable future.

Ravine volume 1 will contain more than 120 pages of story, with a wealth of extras including maps, character bios and more, all for $14.99. Believe me, it’s epic in every sense of the word.

Now here’s the important part. Ravine is a creator-owned project for me and Stjepan. That means there is no up-front page rate; we’ve been paid nothing to produce this work. So we depend entirely upon sales to reap any kind of reward. Meaning that if you’re interested in Ravine, we need you to pre-order with your local comic shop. Tell your retailer that you want a copy, so we can boost those initial order numbers. We want to keep producing Ravine for a good, long time, but we can only do that if sales allow us to continue.

You can also check out this Ravine fan site for more art, and ongoing updates:

Thanks in advance for the support.





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