Magdalena #11 hits stores this week, continuing the “One True Cross” storyline by the usual gang: me writing, art by Nelson Blake 2nd, Dave Marquez and Sal Regla, with color by Dave McCaig and letters by Troy Petri. The story goes some unexpected places, both literally and figuratively, as Patience, Kristof and guest star Sara Pezzini (of Witchblade fame) visit new locations, and come face to face with what I hope is a surprise revelation.

I’ve made no secret of the fact that Magdalena is a series I’d been wanting to write for years. As with almost any non-Big Two book, we have to fight for every sale in order to stay afloat. The Magdalena Vol. 1 TPB collection has sold well, and for that we’re incredibly thankful. But sales of the individual issues play a large part in keeping the book alive, and I desperately want to keep Magdalena alive. Hope you’ll give it a try.