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Pre-order Orders

I thought I should start a monthly feature on what’s currently being solicited, to give you a chance to place pre-orders with your retailers. Pre-orders are the lifeblood of all titles, really, but especially independent titles like those from Image. Literally every sale is important to keep the titles afloat. There are no deep corporate pockets to keep Image titles going; the live and die only on their sales.

In June, I have four different books coming out from Image:

*Shinku #8, my creator-owned, contemporary vampire-samurai thriller, with Lee Moder, Matthew Waite and Mike Atiyeh on art.

*Artifacts #19, introducing the new bearer of the Heart Stone, with Stjepan Sejic art.

*Artifacts Vol. 4 TPB, collecting issues #14-#18.

*Witchblade Compendium Vol. 3, which collects the bulk of my Witchblade run, issues #101-#150, in both hardcover and softcover versions.

The complete solicitations for Image’s June books can be seen here:

Also debuting in June is Prophecy #1, from Dynamite, which kicks off a seven-issue crossover by me and regular Red Sonja artist Walter Geovani. The story will bring together a host of Dynamite characters, including Sonja, Vampirella, Dracula, Alan Quartermain, Pantha and more. You can read more about Prophecy in an interview I did with CBR:

I’ll also have a story in a special “Monster Massacre” issue of Heavy Metal magazine that debuts in July. It’s the debut of a new creator-owned property that Tom Raney and I are doing together. The specifics are still under wraps, but you can find a little more information on the project here:

Remember, pre-order!



In Stores This Week

The event that was a maxi-series that turned into an ongoing series goes on this week. Artifacts #15 by me and Stjepan Sejic hits stores Wednesday, continuing the exploration of the “new world” we’ve set up. Disgraced priest-turned-Artifact bearer Tom Judge has realized all is not well in the new world, and all roads lead to Jackie Estacado, host of The Darkness.

You can see a preview of the issue’s opening pages here:


In Stores This Week

Magdalena #11 hits stores this week, continuing the “One True Cross” storyline by the usual gang: me writing, art by Nelson Blake 2nd, Dave Marquez and Sal Regla, with color by Dave McCaig and letters by Troy Petri. The story goes some unexpected places, both literally and figuratively, as Patience, Kristof and guest star Sara Pezzini (of Witchblade fame) visit new locations, and come face to face with what I hope is a surprise revelation.

I’ve made no secret of the fact that Magdalena is a series I’d been wanting to write for years. As with almost any non-Big Two book, we have to fight for every sale in order to stay afloat. The Magdalena Vol. 1 TPB collection has sold well, and for that we’re incredibly thankful. But sales of the individual issues play a large part in keeping the book alive, and I desperately want to keep Magdalena alive. Hope you’ll give it a try.



Oscar Worthy

I discovered this Oscar-nominated short film, “The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore,” via my friend, author and illustrator Jim Gurney, on his Gurney Journey blog (which you all should be following anyway). It’s a delight that will likely have you in tears by the end (that’s what it did to me). Created by Moonbot Studios, its obvious influences include “The Wizard of Oz,” Buster Keaton and, of course, the love of books. It certainly (and silently) captures the way I feel about books, and I wanted to share it.

The film was co-directed by William Joyce and Brandon Oldenburg, with terrific music by John Hunter. Joyce is one of my favorite children’s book illustrators and authors, and his influence is obvious if you’re at all familiar with his work. Delightful.

Youtube link

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