It’s an Artifacts kind of week this week, as both Artifacts #14 and the Artifacts Volume 3 TPB hit stores. The collected edition contains issues #9-#13, with art by Jeremy Haun and Dale Keown respectively, plus a cover gallery and assorted extras.

Artifacts #14 is the continuation of the saga, picking up where #13 left off by exploring the new world that was created at the end of the initial 13-issue storyline. I’m joined on the now-ongoing Artifacts series by Stjepan Sejic, my artistic partner on Witchblade for the last few years. Stjepan and I plan on settling in for a nice, long run on Artifacts, which features Tom Judge and Tilly Grimes as main characters, with everyone from Jackie Estacado to Sara Pezzini to Aphrodite orbiting around them.

By the way, Witchblade: Redemption Volume 4 TPB, by me and Stjepan, was released last week. It contains the final issues of our run, #146-#150.

There’s an 11-page preview of Artifacts #14 here: