Last year I offered signed copies of Artifacts #1 in exchange for donations to Toys for Tots. You guys bought the issues, we collected the money, and went on a shopping spree for toys that we then dropped off with the Marines stationed at the local Air National Guard base. A great success, if I do say so.

So we’re doing it again.

No Artifacts this year, but after consulting the hive mind on Twitter, I came up with a number of books to offer up. To keep it simple, we’ve built the postage into the price of each book (or set of books). All books are signed by me, and can be personalized if you desire. Here’s what we’ve got available this year:

Update (Dec 29, 2011)
All Magdalena vol 1 TPB’s are gone. Rest of the list is still available.

*Green Lantern Retroactive 1990s, also signed by legendary inker Terry Austin, for $15.
*Shinku #1, #2, #3, my creator-owned book with Lee Moder (mature audiences), all three issues for $22.
*Sojourn #8, #23, art by Greg Land, both issues for $15.
*Scion #6, #7, art by Jim Cheung and Rick Leonardi respectively, both issues for $15.
*Scion #8, #9, art by Jim Cheung, both issues for $15.
*The Path Prequel and #1, art by Bart Sears, both issues for $15.
*Mystic #6, #7, art by Brandon Peterson and Steve McNiven respectively, both issues for $15.
*Mystic #8, #9, art by Brandon Peterson, both issues $15.
*CrossGen Chronicles #5, one of my favorite issues, with some stellar art by the great George Perez, $15.
*Magdalena Vol. 1 TPB, signed by me and artist Nelson Blake 2nd, and including an original Magdalena sketch on a backing board by Nelson. We have only TWO of these available, so act sooner rather than later on these. The TPB and sketch package is $50.

Again, ALL proceeds, except postage, go to Toys for Tots. If we run out of anything, I’ll update this site.

The easiest way to do this is via PayPal. Please PayPal your order to:

On the PayPal form, please include the address to which you want the issues sent. If you’d like the books personalized, please include that info as well. We’ll try to have issues in the mail within 24 hours after the order is received. All comics will be sent via USPS.

For anyone who doesn’t have a PayPal account, please use the Contact button on this website and drop me an e-mail; we’ll figure out something. Also, we WILL mail out to international addresses, but we’ll have to add an additional postage charge. Please let us know your location, and we’ll get a postage quote.

We’ll do this right up through Christmas. However, many Toys for Tots drop-off locations are collected by the middle of December (as the Marines need time to sort and deliver donations). So ordering as soon as possible is appreciated.

Thank you all. Your generosity will provided a merry Christmas for some kids in need.

Happy Holidays,