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In stores this week

Voodoo #3 hits stores this week, featuring an appearance by Kyle Rayner, the Green Lantern I co-created with artist Darryl Banks. The beautiful art is again by Sami Basri and Jessica Kholinne.

It’s also my penultimate issue on the title, as Voodoo #4 will be my last issue. That was DC’s choice, not mine. I’m truthfully still not sure what prompted the decision. My full comments on the situation:

“The only thing I was told was that they wanted a different direction for the book. I had a 10-minute phone call with the outgoing editor, who gave me the news. I asked what direction they wanted, but since the editor was leaving staff the next day, he didn’t really know. So that’s all the information I was given. I haven’t heard from anyone else, beyond a call from the book’s new editor to work out details on my last issue.”

“I have to admit, I was pretty surprised, since I’d been making the revisions and changes that had been requested by editorial as the book evolved. But it seems like they want something other than what I was giving them. Obviously I’m disappointed that I won’t get to continue the story we began telling, and I’ll certainly miss working with the art team of Sami Basri and Jessica Kholinne, who are doing amazing work on the series. I wish them and the new writer much success as Voodoo moves forward. I still feel like the New 52 was a very bold and positive move for DC, and for the industry as a whole, and I’m glad to have been a part of it.”

Here’s a link to the full story on Newsarama:

I appreciate everyone who gave Voodoo a try while I was on it. We tried to do something a little different with the book, and still keep it firmly set in the DCU. It’s up to you to decide how successful we were.



In stores this week

I’ve got two new issues hitting shelves this Wednesday, both from Top Cow. Artifacts #11, with art by Jeremy Haun and Sunny Gho, brings the storyline closer to its climax and features a character death by issue’s end. And it’s not a “comic book” death in which the character miraculously returns to life a few months later. Dead means dead … as in “not coming back.” There’s also another two-page origin, this one featuring art by the legendary Michael Golden.

Also in stores Wednesday in Witchblade #149, the final part of the “Tiamat” storyline, and my penultimate issue of the book with Stjepan Sejic. The issue wraps the current four-part arc, and sets the stage for the double-size #150 next month. After we wrap up our run on Witchblade, Stjepan and I will move over to Artifacts with issue #14, as the event series becomes a monthly title.



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