Reviews of Voodoo #1 keep rolling in, so here’s an update with more links. I’m sure I didn’t get all of them, so please forgive any, uh, missing links. But these are the ones I found, both positive and negative (though I’m pleased to say generally more positive than negative).

  1. Heretical Jargon:
  2. Talking Comic Books:
  3. My Geeky Geeky Ways:
  4. Grumpy Old Fan at CBR:
  5. Inside Pulse:
  6. Cross Hatchings at CBR:
  7. Greg Burgas at CBR:
  8. Read/Rant:
  9. Graphic Policy:
  10. Eye on Comics:
  11. Bureau 42:
  12. Indie Wire:
  13. Multiversity Comics:
  14. The Verbal Mosh:
  15. Cosmic Treadmill:
  16. Broken Frontier:
  17. Pipeline at CBR: