No single issues, but Witchblade: Redemption Vol. 3 hits stores (and Amazon) this week. The collection includes issues #142 through #145, plus Annual #2. Issues #142 and #143 are a solo adventure starring Sara Pezzini’s partner, Det. Patrick Gleason, drawn by my buddy Matthew Dow Smith. The tale is actually set in the upstate New York area where Matt and I both live.

Regular series artist Stjepan Sejic returns for issue #144, which is a retelling of Sara’s first encounter with the Witchblade, though in the form of a diary by her late partner. Issue #145 is another standalone tale about a creature in the NYC sewers, told via a few “Rashomon” points of view. The Annual’s lead story is a World War II adventure, set during the siege of Stalingrad, and featuring that era’s Witchblade bearer, with some lovely art by Tony Shasteen. Matt Smith also contributed an illustrated prose story.

Lastly, a little catch-up, as apparently Archaia’s hardcover anthology Immortals: Gods and Heroes hit stores last week. All the stories are all based on the upcoming film, expanding upon the mythos. My story, starring Ares, was drawn by another good friend, Rafael Kayanan, whom I’ve known for years, but this was our first time working together. As it happens, Raf also worked as a designer on the “Immortals” film for director Tarsem Singh. The rest of the anthology features a pretty grand array of talent, assembled by editor Nate Cosby, including Phil Hester, Jock, Ben Templesmith, David Gallaher, Ben McCool, Justin Gray, Jimmy Palmiotti, Dennis Calero and F.J. DeSanto.