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In stores this week

Can’t remember the last time I actually had four issues hit stores on the same day, but that’s the case Wednesday: Voodoo #1, Witchblade #148, Magdalena #8, and Artifacts #10.

All the issues were actually completed in different weeks, as I recall, but the vagaries of the shipping schedule sometimes result in a week like this. I’ll be signing all four issues, plus whatever else you have, at Midtown Comics Downtown, 64 Fulton St. in NYC, from 6 to 7 p.m. Wednesday.

The Witchblade issue is part 3 of the “Tiamat” storyline, with Stjepan Sejic on art, with an appearance by the Angelus. Magdalena is the second and final part of Keu Cha’s guest spot on art, and features a battle in the rain atop Notre Dame. Artifacts reveals more about the bearer of the mysterious 13th Artifact, with art by Jeremy Haun and Sunny Gho.

Voodoo #1

Voodoo, of course, is part of DC’s New 52 initiative, and already has sold out at distributor level (though stores should have copies on the shelves for at least a few days). A second printing is on the way. Hope you give it a try.

Witchblade #148 preview:

Magdalena #8 preview:

Artifacts #10 preview:



“Cortez the Killer”

Check out this video of an EPIC version of Neil Young’s “Cortez the Killer” by Dave Matthews Band with Warren Haynes, recorded earlier this month. “Cortez” is one my favorite songs, and second only to “All Along the Watchtower” in DMB’s regular cover repertoire. I’ve always been fascinated by the story of Hernan Cortes, who conquered the Moctezuma and the Aztecs with only a handful of conquistadors at his side. His story has become a mixture of fact and citions, casting him variously as hero, conqueror, adventurer and war criminal. There’s been a graphic novel about Cortes and the Aztecs simmering in the back of my head for years. Hopefully it’s a story I get to tell one day.

The Vimeo Video if you can’t see the embed above

September and October Appearances

I’m making a handful of appearances over the next two months or so:

*Sept. 24 & 25, Detroit Fanfare, at Cobo Hall in Detroit.

This will be my first time time at this show, and my first time in Detroit. I’ll be there along with some of my buddies, including Phil Hester, Tony Harris, Steve Niles, Joe Pruett, Tommy Lee Edwards, Todd Dezago and more.

My Artifacts series is also up for an award the Shel Dorf Awards on Saturday night. You can vote for the full slate of awards here:

Complete information on Detroit Fanfare here:

*Sept. 28, Midtown Comics Downtown, 64 Fulton Street in NYC.

I’ll be here from 6-7 p.m. signing Voodoo #1 and whatever else you want me to scrawl my name on.

Event info here:

*Oct. 14-16, Fest Comics, Sao Paulo, Brazil.

More details coming soon, but I’m excited to be able to visit the hometown of my good friend and Samurai: Heaven and Earth collaborator Luke Ross.

*Oct. 30, Albany Comic Con, Albany, NY.

I’m returning to the Albany Comic Con again, my favorite “little” show … although the con had more than 1,000 people through the door last spring. Should be a great time, arriving just one day before Halloween. Returning guests include Matthew Dow Smith, Todd Dezago, Joe Sinnott, Joe Staton, Fred Hembeck, Lee Moder, Herb Trimpe and many more. First-time guests include Jim Starlin, David Gallaher and Steve Ellis.

Complete information here:



In stores this week

New in stores this week is Artifacts Volume 2 TPB, collecting issues #5 through #8 of the series, plus the text pieces that have appeared in all of the issues. The art, of course, is by Whilce Portacio, who brought a kinetic energy to these issues as the more sci-fi side of the Top Cow Universe is brought into the story.
Next week is a big one for me, with four different issues releasing.

Doing Voodoo

Despite the remnants of Hurricane Irene knocking out our power and flooding our basement, VoodooI managed to write a process series for my Shelf Life column on CBR about the impending release of Voodoo #1, my part of DC’s New 53 relaunch. The series of columns traced a set of pages from issue #1, from script through art stages to finished pages. The week culminated with an interview. Links for the entire series can be found below.

It was a welcome chance to expose a book I’m excited about, because it’s not quite like anything else in the DCU. It’s sexy, it’s violent, and hopefully it’s smart and unexpected. Because Voodoo is not quite like anything else in the DCU, I expect it might well struggle to find its audience. So I hope you’ll give it a shot when it hits comic stores and same-day digital download (legal!) on Sept. 28.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:


My Shelf Life column runs on Comic Book Resources every two weeks. The archive of previous columns can be found here:



In Stores This Week

New in stores this week, Witchblade #147, part 2 of the four-part “Tiamat” storyline by me and my artistic partner-in-crime, Stjepan Sejic. This is our last big arc prior to our final issue on the title, #150.You can check out a nine-page preview of the issue here

The issue includes a guest appearance by the Angelus, otherwise known as Danielle Baptiste, as well as some prison-yard basketball, a deserted and suitably spooky highway rest area, and Stjepan’s trademark kick-ass monsters. Someday we should just do a book called Stjepan Draws Kick-Ass Monsters.


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