Pretty good week for Artifacts last week. Preview pages for issue #2, introducing Jackie Estacado into the storyline, hit a number of sites. You can find them here, among other places. Artifacts #2 will be in stores this Wednesday, Sept. 29.

The third printing of Artifacts #1 also hit stores, the first time a Top Cow release has ever gone to a third printing.

News also broke revealing the identity of the next artist on the 13-issue Artifacts series. Michael Broussard is drawing issues #1-#4, of course. The next arc, issues #5-#9, will be drawn by Whilce Portacio, probably best know for his work on Uncanny X-Men. Whilce and I had breakfast out in San Diego during the con, and discussed the kind of story we wanted to tell, especially in terms of scope. We’re very much on the same page in terms of wanting to bring an epic scale to the page. It’s going to be a great collaboration.

USA Today had the first story, which includes comments from Whilce. You can read it here.