The comic-shop release of Artifacts #1 this past Wednesday was the culmination of a lot of planning, conversation, brain-storming and … well, work. Top Cow managing editor Phil Smith, and colorist Sunny Gho both damn near killed themselves getting the last bits of the issue together in time to get issues printed to make the planned San Diego Comic Con debut. And everybody was up until the wee hours proofing the issue to get it just right.

Thus far, looks like all the effort was worth it. I’m very happy with the finished product – not something I always say – and issue #1 has already sold out at the distributor level. That means your local shop might still have a few copies on the shelf, but there are no more in the warehouse. A second printing is being rushed to press, with Michael Broussard’s interior spread, in glorious black and white, used as the wraparound cover.

Reviews for #1 have also been great. Especially gratifying to have so many reviewers comment upon the issue’s accessibility for those unfamiliar with the Top Cow Universe. That was the goal all along, to come up with a story that is satisfying for long-time readers, and welcoming to new ones. Some review links:

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[EXTRA] Comic Geeks Speaking Podcast

The excellent Comic Geek Speak podcasts are undertaking a series of shows dedicated to the Artifacts event series. The plan is for the guys to discuss the issues as they are released, so this inaugural episode takes on issue #1. Chris Partin, from Image Addiction, joins the conversation, and then my pal Filip Sablik, who also happens to be Top Cow’s publisher, also stops by. Enjoy.

Link to the podcast: