I’ve received a number of questions about the fate of Samurai: Heaven and Earth, more specifically the planned third volume of the series, by me and Luke Ross. The most recent question came from Mike Steinberg, so for Mike and everybody else who asked, here’s the deal:

Luke and I would love to get back to Volume 3, and at this point, it’s a matter of our schedules matching up. The first issue of Volume 3 is written and waiting, and Luke has completed all the covers for the five issues. You see two of the covers here, both colored by Dan Jackson. As the covers make pretty obvious, the next series moves the setting to the Caribbean, placing Shiro in the midst of a cutthroat pirate crew that features characters both historical and literary.

Luke is presently under exclusive contract to Marvel, which led to Luke’s work on Captain America and Amazing Spider-man, among other assignments. But we both intend to get back to “our baby” as soon as Luke’s schedule allows. Luke and I even have a couple of other projects – one a creator-owned story about a Brazilian folk hero, the other featuring a favorite superhero – that we plan to get to at some point.

In the meantime, we appreciate your interest, and we appreciate your patience. The story of Shiro and Yoshiko is not yet over.