I’m asked fairly often what my Green Lantern collaborator Darryl Banks is up to these days, because he’s not terribly visible in the comics market. Darryl is mostly working in commercial art these days, including designs for toys and statues and collectibles. But he makes room in his schedule for the occasional cover and commission pieces.

I pulled the above covers for The Phantom out of the files and thought I’d share, as I doubt many people saw them on the issues of the Moonstone series. I’m truthfully not even sure which issues these covered, but I do recall them being colored pretty dark. So here’s the glorious line work – pencils by Darryl, inks by Terry Austin.

You can check out Darryl’s Comic Art Fans gallery here.

The gallery includes a wealth of gorgeous commission pieces, including a lot of Green Lantern. But there’s also a pretty wide range of stuff, everything from Batman to Red Sonja, Adam Strange to Doctor Strange. I’m particularly partial to the Doc Strange pieces, especially the one with Doctor Fate. And, of course, the Kyle pieces. There’s really no one who draws Kyle’s costume (and mask) quite like Darryl.

I’d love to work with Darryl again, whenever our schedules will allow. Hope it comes to pass soon. Besides the obvious, what project would you guys like to see me and Darryl on?