Magdalena #1 hits stores this week. I think it’s a pretty sweet book, but I’m probably a little biased. So maybe I’ll just leave it at saying Magdalena #1 is a book that I’m proud of, and I hope you pick up a copy. Putting a new title on the stands is always a risk, even more so if it’s not a Big Two title. I’d like to write Magdalena for years, but the only way that happens is if we sell enough copies to justify its existence.

I’ve previously linked to Magdalena preview pages and interviews. With the book debuting today, a few more have gone up.

Here’s a video interview that Sara Lima of Comic Vine conducted with me and artist Nelson Blake 2nd at C2E2.

And a podcast interview with Josh Flanagan of iFanboy:

Early reviews have also started to appear online, and I know a few more are due soon. The first batch:

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I found the Multiversity reviewer’s comparison of Magdalena to Buffy the Vampire Slayer interesting. I expect there are similarities, but as I said on Twitter, I’ve never actually seen an episode of Buffy in my life. I can definitely say there won’t be any romances with vampires in Magdalena. In fact, no vampires at all … at least until issue #7.