I picked up my buddy Lee Moder at the airport this morning. He comes into town for Sunday’s Albany Comic Con, plus a visit to the Norman Rockwell Museum on Saturday. The Albany Con is a relatively new venture in my neck of the woods; this will be the fifth edition of the con, which is held twice a year. The con happens from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. this Sunday, at the Holiday Inn on Wolf Road in Colonie. The show site, with more information, is here

Admission is only $3, which I think is a crazy bargain for a show with a pretty hefty guest list, including me, Lee, legendary inker Terry Austin, writer/artist Matthew Dow Smith, writer Todd Dezago, and artists Joe Staton and Fred Hembeck, among many others. Con promoter John Belskis puts on the show for the right reason – to generate interest in comics locally. Attendance is trending in the right direction, and as word spreads, the show seems to attract people from greater distances each time. It’s very much a grassroots effort, and I’m happy to be involved.

A Halloween-themed Witchblade #131 variant cover by Matt Smith was offered at last year’s con in October. This time, Matt collaborated with Terry Austin and India-based artist Saumin Patel for a Magdalena #1 variant cover (the process of which was chronicled in this blog). Obviously Matt, Terry and I will be on hand to sign copies. I’m told there will also be a cosplayer decked out as Magdalena, posing for photos.

Lee Moder and I have collaborated on a few projects, including a Green Lantern Secret Files issue, Red Sonja #30, and the creator-owned, all-ages Dragon Prince mini. We’ve also begun work on another creator-owned project, Shinku, which is a mature-audiences project presented in a black, white and red format. Lee and I will have copies of the limited-edition Shinku preview book, containing finished story pages plus sketchbook pages, for only $1.

I’ll also be joining Joe Staton for a panel on the past and present of Green Lantern, moderated by Keith Dallas (author of “The Flash Companion”). I told Keith no questions were off limits, so we’ll see what secrets he drags out of us. The panel is scheduled to begin at 11 a.m. Sunday in the Hudson Room.

This isn’t even the complete guest list for the show, but it’s a good sampling:

Terry Austin
Matthew Dow Smith
Lee Moder
Todd Dezago
Joe Staton
Fred Hembeck
Dave Rodriguez
Nick Tapalanski
Joe St. Pierre
Saurav Mohapatra
Peter & Bobby Timony
Declan Shalvey
Bill Anderson
Keith Dallas
Paul Harding
Mark McKenna
John Hebert
Mike Borkowski
Paul Abrams
Ron Marz

There’s also a Magic tournament, and an appearance by Garrison Excelsior of the 501st Legion, for all your Stormtrooper needs. I mean, seriously, all that for $3? It’s almost a crime not to go. And since somebody asked on Twitter: I don’t charge for autographs, and there’s no limit on items. I’ll sign whatever you’ve got. Hope you can stop by.